Boodle Platters


Luzon Platter  – £36.95
– Sinigang na Bangus – Inihaw na Liempo – Crispy breaded shrimp – Beef Tapa – Chopsuey – 4 Portion Rice – Bibingka Good For 2 -4 Persons

Manila Bay
(White Sand) Platter – £36.95
– Sinigang na Hipon – Inihaw na Tilapia – Calamares – Crispy Breaded Shrimp – Mixed Pancit – 4 Portion Rice – Suman Good for 2-4 Persons


Mindanao’s Platter  – £33.95
– Pancit Molo – Pork BBQ – Beef Tapa – Inihaw na Tilapia – Ginisang Mongo With Pork and Spinach – 4 Portion Rice – Suman Good for 2-4 persons

Visayan Platter – £33.95
– Nilagang baka – Pork Fried Spareribs – Quarter Chicken Inasal – Daing na Bangus – Pinakbet – 4 Portion Rice – Torta Good for 2 -4 Persons

Chicken Dishes


Chicken Adobo  – £6.50
A well known and easy to make Filipino dish cooked in soy sauce and best eaten with boiled rice.

Chicken Afritada  – £6.50
Chicken wings in tomato-based stew, mixed with carrots, potatoes and bell pepper.

Chicken BBQ  – £5.95
3 Skewers, bite sized chicken, barbequed and smothered with a special homemade sauce.

Chicken Curry  – £6.50
Filipino style chicken curry with a hint of coconut and a little bit of spice.

Chicken Inasal  – £4.95
Marinated 1/4 chicken, grilled to perfection with a special home-made sauce.

Fried Chicken  – £4.95
Specially marinated chicken freshly deep fried, served with Filipino gravy.

Honey Chicken  – £6.50
Flavoured chicken breast battered and fried, finalised with a specially made honey sauce.

Beef Dishes

Beef Sinigang  – £7.50
Beef tamarind stew, a childhood favourite Filipino dish with a tamarind-based soup and vegetables.

Beef with Broccoli  – £7.50
Marinated braising steak slightly different to beef steak and topped with fried broccoli and a hint of sesame.

Caldereta  – £7.50
Succulent beef stew dish from the Philippines, with vegetables includes tomatoes, bell peppers and green peas.

Filipino Beef Steak  – £7.50
Thinly sliced marinated braising steak, cooked to tenderness.

Kare Kare  – £7.50
Popular beef dish in peanut sauce often incorporated with shrimp paste for added flavour.

Lengua  – £7.50
Creamy mushroom sauce smothered generously in thinly sliced beef tongue.

Nilagang Baka  – £7.50
Tender beef chunks with potatoes and greens in a tasty soup.

Pork Dishes

Dinakdakan  – £6.50
Grilled pork seasoned with mayonnaise, chili and ginger. best eaten with a drink of beer.

Dinuguan  – £6.50
Better known as black pudding, an exotic Filipino cuisine made of belly pork and blood.

Embutido  – £6.50
Filipino-style meatloaf. Minced pork with carrots and onions seasoned with special home-recipe then steamed to perfection.

Lechon Kawali  – £6.50
Crunch filled belly pork deep fried and best dipped in a sauce of choice.

Lechon Paksiw  – £6.50
Roast pork turned stew, a slight sweetness complete with its tasty sauce.

Pork Adobo  – £6.50
A well known and easy to make Filipino dish cooked in soy sauce and best eaten with boiled rice.

Pork BBQ  – £6.50
3 Bite sized pork, barbequed and smothered with a special homemade sauce.

Pork Menudo  – £6.50
Belly pork in a tomato-based stew mixed with chunks of liver for its distinct flavour.

Sisig  – £6.50
Deep fried pork belly crushed into tiny pieces and flavoured with ginger and spice.

Seafood Dishes

Grilled Tilapia Fish  – £11.50
For two persons, whole fresh tilapia fish seasoned and grilled to perfection.

King Prawn Tamarind Stew
(Sinigang na Hipon)  – £8.50

A childhood favourite Filipino dish with a tamarind based soup, vegetables and king prawn.

King Prawn with Chilli Sauce  – £8.50
With shell king prawns stir fried and flavoured with chilli sauce.

King Prawn with Coconut Based Soup
(Ginataang Hipon)  – £8.50

Large, whole shelled king prawns in coconut milk and butternut squash.

Milkfish Tamarind Stew  – £12.50
A childhood favourite Filipino dish with a tamarind based soup, vegetables and milkfish.

Sweet & Sour Fish  – £7.50
Battered and fried boneless fish topped with our homemade sweet and sour sauce.

Noodles & Vegetable Dishes

Adobong Talong  – £4.50
A well known easy to make Filipino dish, aubergine sautéed in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onions for the authentic taste of the Philippines.

Chopseuy  – £6.50
Freshly Boiled vegetables in sauce added with fish balls and chicken chunks.

Mixed Pancit  – £6.50
A mixture of bihon and canton stir fried noodles with vegetables and your choice of meat.

Palabok  – £6.50
Seafood noodles topped with boiled egg, spring onions and pork crackling.

Pancit  – £6.50
Stir fried noodles known for its life longevity, it is a must in special occasions.

Pinkabet  – £6.50
A provincial dish in the Philippines, consists of pork, butter squash, okra, aubergine and bitter melon flavoured with shrimp paste.

Spaghetti  – £6.50
A party favourite, our Filipino spaghetti gives a sense of sweetness unlike no other.

Tortang Talong  – £3.50
Grilled aubergine, peeled and mixed with egg batter then finally fried before serving.

Set Meals

Hotsilog  – £6.50
Filipino style red hot dog served with garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg.

Longsilog  – £6.50
Marinated Filipino style sausages served with garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg.

Tapsilog  – £6.50
Specially marinated thinly sliced beef served with garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg.

Tosilog  – £6.50
Sweetly marinated pork, served with garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg.

Starters & Extras

Chips  – £1.50

Fries  – £1.50

Garlic Fried Rice  – £2.00

Jasmine Rice – £2.50

Special Fried Rice – £3.00

Meat Spring Rolls  – £4.99
8 pieces of minced chicken individually wrapped in miniature rolls, deep fried and dipped in a special homemade sauce.

Vegetable Spring Rolls – £5.50
4 pieces of stir fried vegetables, cooled and wrapped in rolls then freshly deep-fried before serving.

Milkshakes & Desserts

Avocado Shake – £3.50

Mango Shake  – £3.50

Banana Cue – £3.50
4 pieces deep fried plantain coated in caramelized brown sugar.

Bibinka – £3.50
Filipino rice cake.

Butsi Butsi  – £3.50
Glutinous rice ball filled with peanut butter and coated with sesame seeds.

Cassava Cake  – £3.50
Classic Filipino dessert made of grated cassava topped with sweetened milk and cheese.

Halo Halo – £5.00
Popular Filipino cold dessert which is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients including ube, tapioca pearls, jelly seaweed gelatin, flat rice pinipig, leche flan, topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Leche Flan – £3.00
Steamed caramel flan made of milk and eggs, topped with caramelized sugar.

Turon – £3.50
4 pieces fried sweet plantain rolled in sugar and wrapped in spring roll wrapper.

C2 Apple Green Tea – £2.50

C2 Classic Green Tea – £2.50

C2 Lemon Green Tea – £2.50

Oishi Green Tea –
Original – £2.30

Oishi Green Tea –
Honey & Lemon – £2.30

Gina Mango Nektar – £2.30

Gina Pineapple Juice – £2.30

Gina Kalamansi Juice – £2.30

Philippine Brand
Calamansi Juice – £2.30

Philippine Brand
Mango Nektar – £2.30

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